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Directory of eminent personalities in the field of Art /Artists: Invitation


miscellaneous in Sheesh Mahal Museum, Patiala

Bokhara. Gold Star, 1st Class.
Badge of the Royal Red Cross
Badge of the Royal Red Cross, Ladies,Bulgaria.


Fountain Chandelier

Fountain Chandelier displayed in this hall was previously fitted in Jilau Khana at Qila Mubark. It is...


Silver Chariot


Chest Guard
Char Aina
A "charaina"l is made of four plain steel plates, one for the chest, one for the back and two for the...


Double Dragon

An honorary decoration of the Imperial dragon was instituted in 1882,China.
Decorations of Sir Robert Thomas Wilson
Decorations of Sir Robert Thomas Wilson 1777-1849 arranged in three Shields. The gold medal and orders...



Beautiful Embroidery done with silken thread on coarse cloth. It basically consists of floral designs....


Embroidery work is done all over the cloth on coarse cloth with silken thread. Motifs of floral and geometrical...

The head, the most vulnerable of organs had to he protected well in the innumerable battles fought by...


Ghar Manya Mandal (Order of the Holy Saint) 1936

Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala instituted this in 1936. It had a collar, sash badge and a star....

Yaduvansh Manya Mandal (The Order of Krishna)

Maharaja Bhupinder Singh instituted this award around 1936. The order consisted of the Sovereign and...
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Medals Gallery

Raja Abhishekh Medal

Siam: Order of the White Elephant

Siam: Order of The White Elephant. Star and Badge, 2nd class. The royal order of The White Elephant...
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Order of St Andrew

Gold collar enameled in colors, and star, Circa1848 ...

Order of the Star of India, 1861. Badge, C S I.

After the 1857 Indian Mutiny (First War of Independence), Queen Victoria decided to found an order particularly...
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Other Items


A village scene depicting trinjan (three rural women spinning on wheel). These are dummies, made of plaster...

Ganga Sargar

It is in the shape of an elephant with a provision for putting water through a lid and outlet through...
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Windsor Li. Vols
Belt Plate, Windsor Li. Vols. Great Britain.
Oval gilt plate
4th Dragoon Guards. Oval gilt plate. Great Britain.
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Shield of Leather
Breaking the Bow by Ram
A round, convex shield of leather lacquered all over in black. There is a painting of Ram breaking the...

Sword of Shah Abas
4. Steel Blade The Sword of Shah Abas, the ruler of Persia, has the owner's name with his seal carved...

miscellaneous in Archaeological Museum, Hoshiarpur

Medals Gallery

The Victoria Cross

Victoria Cross with the bullet that injured Lance Corporal J. Dunley, 93rd Regiment, during the assault...

Military Order of Merit
Military Order of Merit. Badge, 2nd class, granted to Soldiers.

Corner Pillar
On front side of the pillar on the top stupas is carved and below are worshippers. The stupa is elongated...

miscellaneous in Library of Lala Lajpat Rai, Jagraon

Other Items
Shahid Sukhdev
Shahid Sukhdev ShId suKdov
Shri Jetinder Das
Shri Jetinder Das sIR jitMdr isMG


Chander Shekhar Azad

Chander Shekhar Azad

Shahid Bhagat Singh

Shahid Bhagat Singh ShId Bgt isMG
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miscellaneous in Sangrur Museum, Sangrur

Armed Guard
Armed Guard
Armed Guard

Breach Loading single Barrel
Breach Loading single Barrel


Silver Box

Silver Box Accession Number: 233
Box Accession Number: 254

Chest Guard
Armour Set
Armour Set (Safety of Chest and back)

Helmet with Chains
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Ivory Objects

Ivory Objects:- Shoes (Khranvan) Accession Number: 256

GuruNanakDev, Bala & Mardanaji

Guru Nanak Dev, Bala & Mardana ji
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Necklace with nine chains Accession Number: 296
Silver ornaments: - Pendent Accession Number: 287
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Brass cutwork round lamp

Brass cutwork round lamp (Lotan Lamp) Accession Number: 239

Arti Lamp

Deep Lakshmi Arti Lamp Accession Number: 510
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Match Lock Concerted into Flint Lock
Match Lock Concerted into Flint Lock.
Match Lock
Match Lock
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Char Ainah
Char Ainah (One Set)

Other Items
Zirh (Coat made of Iron Chains)
Damascened Barrel with Kabuli-Butt
Damascened Barrel with Kabuli-Butt.
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Victoria Golden Jubilee Hospital
Victoria Golden Jubilee Hospital, Sangrur.
Shri Yuvraj Sahib Maharaj Kumar
His Highness Shri Yuvraj Sahib Maharaj Kumar
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Bronze Thal

Thai Bronze (Brass) (Hunting Scene) Thal Bronze (Brass) Accession Number: 240

Decorated Tray

Decorated � Tray with gold and silver in lay work prepared by Mohomed Hasham of Gujarat (West Punjab)...


Silver Tray

Silver Tray Accession Number: 232

Silver tray

Silver tray Accession Number: 231

miscellaneous in Archaeological Site Museum, Sanghol

Thousand of coins of ancient Indian kings of different periods and dynasties have been recovered from...

Copping Stone
Copping Stone
There are eight arches out of which one is broken on one side. The arches contain architectural pattern,...

Stucco Head Buddha
Stucco Head Buddha Accession Number: M-II/ 326

1-2. Aramlet (Modern) 3-10. Wrist-let (Modern) II-12 Ghungru Larian - (Modern) 13. Locket...

Other Items
Miscellaneous objects
1. Wheels and Cart Frames (TC) 2. Square weights (TC) 3. Mould of Durga – (TC) 4. Ball*...
Gupta Period
1-3- Budha Head-(TC)(Gupta Period) 5. Terracotta Toy Ram (Rattle) 6. Head with a hair knot-(TC) 7....

Pottery of Late Harappan (Bara)
The details of pottery is as follows: A cooking vessel with incisions designs,Potstand, Upper portion...
Pottery of Muslim Period
Pottery contains following items: 1. Glass bangles - (Muslim period). 2-3. Bone/ivory styluses, 4. Bone,...
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Seals and Sealings
The ancient Indian used seals and sealings for multiple purposes. Example for sealing letters and parcels...

P. G W., Grey ware and Black slipped wares
Storage jar,A pot with a central hole (Funnel) Cooking vesaei,Painted sherd of a jar. Accession...
Dakashina Patra
Dakashina Patra - Red Accession Number: MI/42

miscellaneous in Shahed-e-Azam Bhagat Singh Museum, Khatkar Kalian


Subhash Chander Rose

Born on January 23, 1897 at Cuttak (Orrisa) Reportedly died in Air Crash on August 18. 1945 Father...

Kranti Kumar

Born in the year 1966,at Satghara Dislt. Montogomery( Now In Pak.) Father : Pandit Ilardyal Mother...
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miscellaneous in Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum, Amritsar


Crown fitted with Kohinoor

In his memories Babur writes that Humayun seized a great diamond with an estimated weight of 180 carats,...


Golden Throne of Maharaja Ranjit Singh

This throne was made in Lahore after 1818, probably in the early 1820�s Hafeez Muhammad Multani. The...